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Woven Zipper Pullers

Woven Zipper Pullers are a great accent to nearly any piece of clothing that has a zipper. Zipper Pullers are made with a custom design of very high quality.  At Quality Label, we have a committed team that will incorporate a client’s design into a zipper pull that will add style and artistic flare to the garment or item.


Zipper Pullers can be used on many items and can be added to garments that are produced by another designer.  A zipperpuller is often purchased to hang on hoodies, jackets, jeans, pants, luggage, toys, purses, bedding, and other promotional items. Woven Zipper Pullers are a great way to identify brands or to advertise a company’s products.

We, at Quality Label ensure that the design is custom and woven to the highest possible level of accuracy. We will match the colors, the specified lettering, and the logos and designs to the clients request. We offer our services to brand new companies that are just starting out as well as to large, well established companies.

Each order for woven Zipper Pullers will be delivered to the client cut and finished. They come ready to be applied to the garment or product. At Quality Label, we provide high quality products that will meet the requirements and will also be cost effective and budget friendly.


Whether the designs a logo, a slogan, or simply a trademark symbol, we at Quality Label can create the look that meets the client’s needs.  We strive to offer the highest level of customer service and can get your orders ready in a quick and efficient time frame.  The largest garment businesses and the smallest designers have all come to realize that Quality Label provides Zipper Pullers that are high quality, and that can create the texture, color, and overall design that you need.

When you choose Quality Label, you choose experts who have over 25 years of experience making custom made Woven Zipper Pullers and labels. We are able to work with any variety of designer or individual to create custom designed Zipper Pullers at very reasonable price.  Quality Label also offers high quality control so that the end products are sure to meet the needs of our clients.

Woven Zipper Pullers are a wonderful way to add flare to any garment or item that has a zipper.  They can be used for advertisement or for decoration.  We at Quality Label will create the Zipper Pullers to the business owner’s specifications and will deliver them on time and with extremely high quality.

Minimum Order : 3000 pcs.