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Damask Woven Labels

The most common type of woven labels are damask woven labels. Damask is made up of polyester yarns, which come in hundreds of colors. Damask can weave fine details and is very soft against the skin.

There are two types of damask woven labels, 100 denier damask and 50 denier damask.

The word “denier” refers to the size of the thread. So, the 50 denier damask yarn is half the size of the 100 denier damask yarn, and can weave finer detail and has the softest feel.

If you are looking for quality labels, but don’t need anything too fancy, the 100 denier damask woven labels will suit your needs just fine. This weave is extremely high quality, sturdy, and soft.

If your items are “higher end”, will be worn by infants or kids, or have a lot of smaller lettering and details, the 50 denier damask woven labels will be your best bet. Because it’s the highest density weave available, it weaves details great, is very soft and luxurious, and has a shine to it.

100 denier damask labels
50 denier damask labels

Colors, Size & Cutting

For damask woven labels, we have many color choices to choose from. You don’t need to choose a black and white label to keep costs down; the price is the same for any two color choices. For color matching, we can match PantoneTM colors.

When counting the amount of colors for damask woven labels, keep in mind that the background color is included. These are all threads woven together on a loom, so even a white background is a thread color.

There is a maximum of 8 colors for damask woven labels. The amount of colors in your label also affects price. Please ask a sales rep for more information.

You can do any size label you want, but size over a certain point does change the price. A sales rep can help you decide what size is best for your product and budget.

Damask woven labels are cut with a heat knife or sonic laser, which adheres the threads together to prevent fraying.

Folds & Application

The type of sewing application will depend mainly on the fold (or lack thereof) you choose for your Damask Woven labels. For visuals of the different folds applicable to Damask Woven Labels, please see the chart and descriptions below. Contact your sewing contractor to see if one fold application is more expensive than the other, if you are not sewing the Damask Woven Labels on yourself. Price might play a role in your decision on which type of fold that you use.

Types of folds

Straight cut – No fold. Straight cut Damask Woven labels are usually sewn on all 4 sides, the top, or on left and right side only. No extra charge for this fold.

Manhattan Fold – A Manhattan fold is like a centerfold label, except the top of the label is folded down, creating a flap to tuck the bottom fold into. This type of fold requires an extra charge.

Cutnfold – Cutnfolded labels are folded down on the left and right side. They are applied the same way as straight cut Damask Woven labels, but have a softer edge. Sewing contractors may charge more for this fold, so please consult them before making your final decision. No extra charge for this fold.

Centerfold – These labels are folded in the middle and usually sewn into a seam. Centerfold labels can also be used for sleeve and hem labels. No extra charge for this fold, unless label is oversized or very small before fold.

Miter Fold – With miter fold labels, the ends are folded under and up, creating a tab to be sewn into a seam. This fold does require an extra charge.

If you don’t want to sew your Damask woven labels on, you can produce damask woven labels with adhesive on the back. Woven labels can come with either heat adhesive, or iron-on, and stick adhesive, which is pressure sensitive. The heat adhesive is completely permanent while the stick adhesive has a strong bond, but will eventually come off.

You can also cut woven labels to shape. If you don’t like the look of embroidered patches, you can produce a woven patch with a custom die-cut shape. Damask Woven labels are able to catch detail better than embroidered patches and are less expensive.

Minimum Order : 2000 pcs.(Conditions may apply)